Luohan Academy

Job Vacancies

The Academy would fit each candidate's specific capability and research interest accordingly to the projects they will take on. As a fast-growing and dynamic organization, candidates have the opportunities to be exposed to diverse fields of work, connect with the world’s advanced academic insights, and comprehensively improve their ability and vision. Luohan Academy now offers job opportunities as follows with corresponding responsibilities and requirements.

Job Description

Assist our economists with original economic research and providing critical support for data analysis.

Candidate Qualifications

• Full-time Research Analyst; • Strong academic background with a Bachelor’s degree (preferably above) in Economics, Finance, Data Science or Statistics; • Preferably bilingual (Chinese and English); • Proficient in statistical tools.


• We strive to provide an excellent research environment to closely involved in the leading-edge research on digital economy; • Candidates will develop close interactions with academics, industry experts and practitioners; • Develop skills to work effectively in a dynamic and mission-driven environment and appreciate the innovative construction of ideological community in digital economy; • Candidates are also offered extensive computing facilities and access to privileged data.