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The Bank Business Model in the Post-Covid-19 World | Luohan Webinar

Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

Luohan Webinar

Xavier Vives (IESE) on “The Bank Business Model in the Post-Covid-19 World


Central European Summer Time: Oct 19, 2020, Mon, 10-11:30am

Beijing Time: Oct 19, 2020, Mon, 4-5:30pm    


Xavier Vives (IESE)

Elena Carletti (Bocconi University)

Stijn Claessens (BIS)

Antonio Fatás (INSEAD)

Topic: The Bank Business Model in the Post-Covid-19 World

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Meeting instructions:

           -  The webinar will take place via Zoom, it will last for 90 minutes (60min presentation + 15mins discussions).

           -  Please mute your microphone during the talk, this permits better sound quality by our speakers.

           -  You are encouraged to ask questions or provide comments during the seminar.   

Forthcoming webinars by:

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           Professor Haoxiang Zhu (MIT), TBD

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Luohan Webinar is a regular event of the Academy purported to provide a platform for world-class scholars to present their frontier research and exchange views on digital technology and digital economy, among other related themes. We believe that truth can only be uncovered through open and critical discussions.

Past Luohan Webinar:

      Sep 22, 2020, Xavier Vives (IESE) on “Digital Disruption in Banking”

      Sep 8, 2020, Soumitra Dutta (Cornell), “Measuring Digital Economy”

      Aug 31, 2020, Lin William Cong (Cornell),  “Economic Data Science”

      Jul 15, 2020, Alberto G. Rossi (Georgetown), “Robo-advisors for Investment, Consumption and Savings Decisions”

      Jun 18, 2020. Victor Couture (UC Berkeley), “Measuring real-time movement and social contact with smartphone data”

      Jun 5, 2020, Michael Weber (Chicago), “The Cost of the Covid-19 Crisis”

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