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New Coordination and Market Dynamics

Speakers : Steve Tadelis, Eric Maskin, Geoffrey Parker, Joshua Gans, Hal Varian, Catherine Tucker, Long Chen, Michael Schwarz
Hangzhou, China

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  • Luohan Academy Frontier Dialogue #2 Pamphlet
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For many decades, the Coase theorem of the “Division of Labor” between organizations and markets has been the fundamental framework for understanding resource allocation and coordination mechanism. However, with the emergence of digital technology and platforms, traditional boundaries are disappearing before our very eyes and giving way to the facilitation of large-scale coordination with unprecedented participation. The application of digital transformation is changing the nature of work and the structure of the economy. While digital platforms have enabled innovations and new coordination mechanisms, they also pose challenges ahead.

The 2nd Frontier Dialogue of Luohan Academy focuses on the “New Coordination and Market Dynamics”. Its very purpose is to provide a place for prominent scholars, industry experts, policymakers to exchange views and address critical issues in practice regarding this topic. In particular, we hope to initiate discussions on what digital transformation means for crucial issues such as economic growth, inclusion, innovation, and competition. One of Luohan Academy’s mission is to understand how digital technology can help achieve the common good.


    Eric Maskin, Professor of Economics, Harvard University Steve Tadelis,

    Professor of Economics, UC Berkeley

    Long Chen, Director of Luohan Academy


    Long Chen, Director of Luohan Academy

    Joshua Gans, Professor of Strategic Management, University of Toronto

    Geoffrey Parker, Professor of Engineering, Dartmouth College

    Michael Schwarz, Chief Economist, Microsoft

    Catherine Tucker, Professor of Management Science, MIT

    Hal Varian, Chief Economist, Google



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