Event Recap

Inside the Pandemic Economy Tracker (PET)

Italy and China

For months now,  coronavirus has not only inundated our hospitals but has infected our economy leading to a new paradigm: the pandemic economy. However, questions remain, such as how do we measure the Pandemic Economy? How long will it last? How to shorten its impact? And, what might be the reverberating repercussions be? To help answer these questions, the Luohan Academy has built and intensive Pandemic Economy Tracker and dashboard. To introduce the project and tracker and discuss its importance, Micheal Spence, Luohan Academy Academic Committee member, and 2001 Nobel Laureate joins Luohan On Air. Joining him is the project creator and Luohan Academy Executive Director, Long Chen. 

Make sure to turn in on Tuesday at 8:00 pm EST, or if you are in Asia, Wednesday at 8:00 am CST. 

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