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The Nature of Economic Emergence: Discovering your Niche in the Platform Ecology

Speakers : Brian Fath, Roger Koppl, Roberto Cazzola Gatti
Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

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We build from an idea of ecological niche emergence and expand the model to economic niche diversity. Considering a niche as a latent market, we show that market goods exist in autocatalytic economic systems in an evolving economy. We overview the main concepts in ecological niche theory moving from simple partitioning to more complete and complex emergence. The front edge of innovation can be described using the Theory of the Adjacent Possible and the (Bio)diversity-related Niches Differentiation Theory. Entrepreneurs apply experience and intelligent search heuristics to discover and fill these already opened niches. This new understanding of technological change, stemming from insights into ecosystem structure and functioning, has application for the modern platform economy. Examples from ecology and economy are covered.


        Feb 1, 2021, Mon

        Eastern Time:  9-10:30am

        Beijing Time: 10-11:30pm

        Central European Time:  3-4:30pm


        Brian Fath (IIASA & Towson)

        Roger Koppl (Syracuse)

        Roberto Cazzola Gatti (KLI & Tomsk State University)

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