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Covid-19 Economic Research Highlights

Over the past four months, Academy researches have been busy. Often up from dawn to dark and through to the waning hours of night trying to make sense of COVID-19 and the deluge of research and news on the subject. The following is the best of the best, according to Yingju, a staff researcher at Luohan Academy.

Covid-19 Economic Research Highlights

The collection.

A group of world-leading economists has discussed various aspects of dealing with the impact on the financial system and the economy caused by the pandemic. It offers an in-depth analysis of the temporary and permanent consequences of current fiscal and monetary policies implemented by many of the major economies. It also offers lessons from China, Singapore, and South Korea, on coping with the epidemic and policy recommendations on limiting the effect of lockdowns on the economy. 

“Mitigating the COVID Economic Crisis: Act Fast and Do Whatever It Takes”


The book.

While perhaps a tad too early, we applaud Joshua Gans, an economist from the University of Toronto, who has already finished a book on economics COVID-19. Economics in the Age of COVID-19  is under review and will be published on May 15 by MIT Press. It discusses the economic implications of the pandemic, policy balances between wealth and health, the role of testing in the war against the virus's spread, and how digital technology and innovation can help coordinate the fight and facilitate the normal function of the society. The preview page can be found here.


The Discussions.

Economists are starting to carry on with the "normal" academic activities of the profession and present papers remotely. The American Economic Association summarizes online discussions by leading universities.

The Chamberlain Seminar, one of the longtime economics online seminar channels, has also summarized recent webinars covering all research fields.

The Bendheim Center for Finance at Princeton University hosts a webinar series covering almost every aspect of COVID-19, entitled The economic implications of COVID-19


Our work.

Luohan Academy has also begun hosting a series of talks, Luohan On Air, on various economic and social topics brought on by the pandemic. Different from other webinars, Luohan On Air offers "Plato" inspired conversations between one, two, three, and sometimes four, scholars or policymakers. Usually from a different culture or diverse background, to share their thoughts on the topic and exchange opinions, and to reach some level of consensus in the end, hopefully. Under these circumstances, respectful dialogue is needed more than ever to break through the digital noise and find cooperation, reason, and solutions to critical global questions and uncertainty.

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