Interpreting COVID-19's Third Wave

Podcast: Preparing for COVID-19's Coming Third Wave

COVID-19 has given our global community a stark reminder of the fragility of life. Its first and second waves shocked even the wealthiest of nations. As Europe and the US are still in the process of beating back the virus and its economic impact, its third wave, directed towards Global South nations, might prove most deadly in terms of the number of deaths as well as the economic challenges and supply chain pitfalls. The COVID-19 solution is multi-pronged and will take a global effort. It requires unprecedented cooperation across countries and disciplines. It is for that reason why Luohan Academy, invited panelists from a diverse set of backgrounds aiming to discuss how wealthier countries and groups such as the G20, the IMF, and the World Bank can support the Global South amid COVID-19's third wave.

The panelists featured, senior policy researcher and Tang Chair in China Policy Studies at the RAND Corporation, Jennifer Huang Bouey. An epidemiologist by training, Bouey's research centers on global health strategies and social determinants of health. Joining Bouey from Rand was Rafiq Dossani is director of the RAND Center for Asia Pacific Policy, a senior economist at the RAND Corporation, and a professor at the Pardee RAND Graduate School.  Representing Luohan Academy, was Columbia University professor and former ADB economist, Shang-Jin Wei and Luohan Academy's Executive Director, as well as Hupan School of Entrepreneurship Executive Provost, Long Chen. Hosting the online panel was CGTN's business anchor Cheng Lei.

During the conversation, the panelist posed and answered questions that centered around mitigating the impact of the third wave.

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