Luohan Academy Introduces 'Altered Econ'

Chen Long, Executive Director of the Luohan Academy, delivered the keynote speech at Altered Econ: Exploring the Future of the Digital Economy on December 26, 2019. He expressed that

"… if we are to get rid of the shackles of traditional academic research protocols, to help the human society better understand ongoing trends, and to take a farsighted glance, we need a blueprint, which, in a humorous sense, we call 'Altered Econ.' It will enable us to have an open mind to embrace changes and build a proactive community connecting global thinkers."

It was with this goal that led Academy to invite six accomplished scholars, Liyan Yang, Yanqing Hong, Wei Huang, Yi Huang, Guozhong Zhu, and Wenlan Qian, to attend the first of many seminars highlighting ongoing and cutting-edge research into privacy and finance. Luohan Academy scholars also contributed and shared their latest research into privacy and the digital economy.

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