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Michael Spence on Tracking the Global Pandemic Recovery

Academic Committee Member, Michael Spence joined Princeton Bendheim Center for Finance’s COVID-19 webinar series. Spence is a Professor of Economics at NYU’s Stern School of Business and a 2001 recipient of the Nobel Prize in Economics. The event began with a brief discussion by another Luohan Academy Academic Committee Member and Director of the Princeton Bendheim Center for Finance Markus Brunnermeier. Spence then presented and took questions from the audience. Learn more about the COVID-19 webinar series organized by Markus Brunnermeier.

Jump to video chapters:

Markus Brunnermeier introduction: 0:00

Beginning of Spence presentation: 13:48

Five phases of "the pandemic economy": 16:57

Pandemic economy fundamentals: 19:29

Contraction, distribution, policy responses: 23:04

Remote working and distributional impacts: 24:49

Questions on risk aversion: 30:07

Country-by-country graphs tracking the pandemic economy: 37:22

Public opinion of government handling of the pandemic: 1:02:33

Q&A 1:06:22


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