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Understanding Big Data: Data Calculus in the Digital Age | Frontier Dialogue

Long Chen currently serves as the director of Luohan Academy, an open research institute initiated by the Alibaba Group and launched by world-renowned social scientists. He also serves as the Executive provost of the Hupan School of Entrepreneurship. Chen was a tenured professor at Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis. After returning to China in 2010, Chen took the position of the Associate Dean of Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB), Professor of Finance. In the third Luohan Academy Frontier Dialogue, Prof Chen, on behalf of all authors (including 9 Luohan Community authors and 7 Luohan In-house authors), gave a brief introduction of the report "Understanding Big Data: Data Calculus in the Digital Era."

The pervasive use of digitized information has reached a new height in what we call the era of “big data.” While this revolution has led to unprecedented societal cooperation, it has also deepened three major concerns: How can we properly protect personal privacy in the age of big data? How shall we understand the ownership and distribution of benefits and risks that arise from the use of data? Will the use of big data lead to a situation of “winner-take-all” markets that undermine competition to the detriment of consumers and society?

Luohan Academy will introduce a report titled “Understanding Big Data: Data Calculus in the Digital Era” at this frontier dialogue. In this report we intend to address some aspects of the above questions. We focus on analyzing concrete evidence using “big data,” to draw conclusions on its impact. The author team consists of multiple prominent economists from Luohan’s community, including, among others, Patrick Bolton, Bengt Holmström, Eric Maskin, Christopher Pissarides, Michael Spence, Tao Sun, Tianshu Sun, Wei Xiong, and Liyan Yang, and Luohan’s internal economists.

The goal for our dialogue series is to bring together prominent minds to share frontier research, address critical issues, and provoke discussions that matter. We cordially invite you to join the event and participate in the discussion of this important issue.



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