Luohan Academy Frontier Dialogue "Measuring the New Economy"

Rising digitalization has significantly changed the global economic landscape, much of the new growth from well-known traditional sources. However, technological innovations have played a crucial role, and conventional measurement approaches are increasingly at odds with the economic reality and are inadequate to deal with the growing size and complexity of the digital economy. We urgently need new methods and new theories that could help us better understand and measure the expanding new economy.

This Dialogue intends to provide a forum for prominent scholars, policymakers and industry experts to exchange views and collaborate on possible new and better measurement approaches.

Featuring: Stanford Professors Michael Spence, Stanford Univeristy Erik Brynjolfsson, Northwesten University Professor Robert Gordon, Cornell University Soumitra Dutta, OCED Deputy Director Dirk Pilat, as well as Long Chen, the director of Luohan Academy, and Sean Ding of Alibaba Group.

Luohan Academy has been in close collaboration with some of the world's foremost social scientists, policy experts, and business practitioners to document and analyze society's and the economy's ongoing digital transformation worldwide. Our very first Frontier Dialogue focuses on the measurement of the new economy, a crucial step in the direction of better understanding the impact of digital transformation.

Together with an impressive panel of participants, we hope to address some critical issues in measuring the new economy; these include, but are not limited to:

  1. What are the main challenges for economic measurement brought by the ongoing digital transformation?
  2. Why is it important and necessary to introduce new approaches to measurement?
  3. Are there any recent major breakthroughs in the theory, methodology and framework of measurement?
  4. What are the best practices for the measurement of the new economy? Will this result in a paradigm shift in our perception of the economy?

For more information, please visit Luohan Academy's youtube channel: Luohan Academy

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