COVID-19 And Economy

The coronavirus outbreak is first and foremost a human tragedy, affecting hundreds of thousands of people. However, it also represents the greatest threat to the global economy since the 2008 financial crisis. This microsite is intended to provide business leaders, policymakers, and the general public with a perspective on the evolving situation and its implications to business, the economy, and the supply chain. The virus and its impact are moving fast. By filtering the noise, we intend to bring the most relevant opinions, updates, and info regarding COVID-19's economic impact for a more informed public.


Smart Stimulus: Cash as Code

MIT Review Insights

Experimental government-to-citizen payments are providing urgent covid-19 support, boosting digital economies, and generating valuable economic data.

New Zealand's Ambitious Elimination Strategy Is Paying Dividends While Australia Sees Second Coronavirus Wave

Wei Liu

Pandemic Economy Tracker gives insight to Australia's and New Zealand's handling of Coronavirus

Having Exhausted Ways of Saving Lives and Economy, India Is Now Counting on Vaccine

Wei Liu

As India struggles to control the virus their only hope may lie in a vaccine

Critical Coronavirus Questions with Chirantan Chatterjee

Luohan Academy

Highlights from our most recent Digitomics Podcast “Coronavirus and Pandemonics in India”

As COVID-19 Accelerates Automation, How Do We Stop the Drift into Long-term Unemployment?

Sir Christopher Pissarides

Sir Christopher Pissarides makes policy proposals to deal with the effects of companies' efforts to reduce their dependence on labour


Pandemonics: Mechanism Design & Covid Recovery

Harvard Professor Eric Maskin Joins Luohan On Air to discuss the latest in Mechanism Design and Covid-19

Inside the Pandemic Economy Tracker (PET)

A look inside Luohan Academy's newly developed Pandemic Economy Tracker

Preparing for COVID-19's Coming Third Wave

Developing countries are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 but how can nations with stronger health systems help?

Will Coronavirus Bring an End to Globalization?

Will the COVID-19 pandemic lead to far-reaching and historically significant global change or alter the trajectory of globalization?

A Looming Global Recession?

On the Ground Observations from China and Italy